APRIL 2017

Casey's out and Kyle's back thanks to an Odyssean set of obstacles and triumph's that has led us back to where we started.  Casey's final show is WEDNESDAY APRIL 19TH which also happens to be a benefit for the Rape Victims Advocates.  It's only $5 you cheap ass!  If you wanna tell Casey we're all better off without him, this is likely to be your last chance as he has decided to dedicate his life to a monastery and will not be available for comment ever again.  

Kyle's un-retirement show will be sometime in May.  Will he remember how to play?  Will he give up the dream again?  Can he really stand up to Iron MIke for longer than three measly rounds?  All this and more in the ongoing saga of Ooze of our Lives.


It's a link to the show, idiot